Quick! Get ready for the Solutions Hub! What is your Path of Purpose, and how will it help you show up as a unique, powerful Solutionary?

Network Dialog

Recorded LIVE on October 15, 2022 - How many times have you heard Foster ask his guests “What is your purpose?”

How would you answer this question??? Are you clear on YOUR purpose? If so, great! We want to hear about it. If not, get ready to roll-up your sleeves as Foster asks you powerful questions that will help illuminate your Path of Purpose. What is your passion? What are your skills and talents? Which of the 13 Sectors are you most drawn towards? What’s your Level Of Engagement? What’s your vision for a Thriving future?

Turn on your camera and microphone, and get ready to share your insights with Foster and your fellow Thrivers in breakout groups. If you’re ready to step powerfully into your role as a Solutionary, this might be your favorite FREEDOM PORTAL episode ever!

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