Unveiling Truth about CONSPIRACY – Before It’s Too Late

7 Levels Deep

Recorded LIVE on April 3, 2021 - You’ve heard of heat-seeking missiles? Foster has lived life as a truth-seeking comprehensivist who has been solving the mystery of the Global Domination Agenda for over 30 years. After consuming more than 850 related books along with thousands of articles, videos and in- person conversations with the world’s leading experts, what has he found of which he is certain?

What is the history? What is the source? What are the chilling implications? And what can we do about it?

Pharaohs got away with it for a while. Then the Priests and Kings created their new version of the ruse. When they were exposed the game became dictators and then democratic tyranny. With the Internet and billions of mobile cameras, humanity is awakening. The authority trick is getting exposed and the predatory class is having to make a final desperate lunge for total control before a critical mass of humanity sees through them and revolts.

We are in the race of and for our lives. Dive deep with us at the Freedom Portal!

Show Notes

News Flash | CIA Invents the term Conspiracy Theory

"Yuri Bezmenov on demoralization"

Core Insight #3 | Supporting Emotional Well Being

COVERT-19: Where the Real Sickness Lies - And How We Can Heal It

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