FRecorded LIVE on April 24, 2021 - oster gets real about Conspiracy with one of the most respected American investigative journalists, Whitney Webb.

How does a serious truth seeker find it? If there is no reality to conspiracy, why are so many knowledgeable whistleblowers being censored and threatened for connecting the dots? What’s it like when it happens to you? And what can we do about it?


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10 Fundamental Conspiracy Assumptions

  • Powerful people in government, tech, and finance cooperate towards common goals. Some goals are publicly known and some are hidden.
  • Both visible and hidden alliances exist among powerful people and organizations.
  • "Need to know" hierarchical power structures exist that allow large numbers of people to work towards an agenda without everyone knowing its true intent.
  • Powerful people and organizations usually seek to expand their power, profit, and sphere of influence.
  • Powerful people and organizations often strive to use their resources and connections to shape the world to match their values and philosophy.
  • In the pursuit of power, money, and control agendas, powerful people and organizations have done destructive, immoral things. They aren’t done.
  • Many people have been censored, threatened, slandered, blackmailed, and even killed for exposing or interfering with the agendas of powerful people and organizations.
  • The consolidation of the mainstream media, along with the economic incentives in place, allow powerful people and organizations to influence what information and stories are propagated to the public, hence giving them power over the cultural narrative.
  • The information we receive and the cultural narratives we believe in largely influence our behavior as human beings.
  • These conditions are not mutually exclusive and could occur simultaneously.

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