How THRIVE Employs the Arts to Deepen the Impact of our Message Foster Gamble, Leandrew Dixon, Gary Malkin

7 Levels Deep

Recorded LIVE on June 5, 2021 - Foster goes 7 Levels Deep into the history and strategies of using the Arts to promote freedom and defend against tyranny. He will be joined by Gary Malkin who created the award-winning original scores for both Thrive I & II and the Freedom Portal’s own Live Producer Leandrew Dixon, a rap artist devoted to themes of freedom from tyranny. Throughout recorded history playwrights, actors, poets, musicians, dancers, jesters, comics, painters, cartoonists, and other artists have played a unique and critical role in exposing evil and the myth of authority. Why did they do it and how? Only the court jester could dare poke fun at the King. The Fool was Shakespeare’s “holder of truth.” Only the comics could mimic obvious racial and gender stereotypes and government atrocities. But now...comedians and alternate viewpoints are canceled from university campuses, social media and TV programming. Let’s get to the bottom of this and out the other side!

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