What’s the Ultimate Solution to so-called “Illegal Migration?”

7 Levels Deep

Recorded LIVE on July 31, 2021 - With millions pouring across the US/Mexico border - expecting housing, food, education and healthcare from already broke local governments - Foster goes 7 Levels Deep on this supposedly intractable problem. Once again, there is light at the end of the rabbit hole…

When did just moving around become illegal? A century ago there were no passports. Who got the authority to create “national boundaries?” Clearly open borders and a welfare state are incompatible. What if the answer is as simple, yet challenging, as getting rid of the state?

Anyone could travel anywhere, except on another’s property without their permission. No theft, not coercion, no forced re-distribution, no economic collapse…

Could this work? How would it work?


Watch how 1000 years of European borders change. Time Lapse Map See empires grow and become states - we are headed toward Global State or Stateless Globe.

Obama on the border - oo - :45

Clinton on the border - oo - 1:08

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