The Role of False Flags in the Agenda for Global Domination

7 Levels Deep

Recorded LIVE on September 18, 2021 - From the Federal Reserve, Reichstag Fire, the sinking of the Lusitania and Pearl Harbor to the Gulf of Tonkin, 911, and Covert-19, the Global Domination Agenda IS a massive conspiracy. It’s spurred on by vast false flag events which dupe an unwitting public into the next fear and then more subservience.

It’s critical that a critical mass of us think critically about this right now - before it’s too late. Toward that end, Foster will condense decades of research into this “7 Levels Deep” on the history, motivation and techniques of the False Flag strategy for mass manipulation.

If you still think you are living in a world with no nefarious intent and no conspiracy… where governments, banks and mega corporations are making things better, then you will listen to this at great peril to your worldview.


X-FILES Truth Drop:

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