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Arts Sector7 Levels Deep Series

VISION: All people will be free to creatively express their innermost passions and insights, in a way that fulfills themselves, inspires others, and does no harm.

DANGER: The arts are undervalued and suppressed, which isolates us from each other and our deeper selves.

OPPORTUNITY: We can use the arts to express our realities, promote and reflect social change, challenge the status quo, and connect more deeply with ourselves and others. A truly open Internet makes it possible to inexpensively share creative inspiration with vast numbers of people through music, poetry, films, photos, paintings and more.

    SCANNING THE HISTORY OF MEDIA: Tools for Connection, Control or Liberation7 Levels Deep
    How THRIVE Employs the Arts to Deepen the Impact of our Message Foster Gamble, Leandrew Dixon, Gary Malkin7 Levels Deep